Online Cruise Planning

Cruising Guide and Harbor Handbook

On OceanGuide you will find information about all places that are important for planning a cruise. All information is linked to its geographical location, so you can immediately see which information is relevant for you. And if a place is missing, you can easily add it. (this is how).

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Intuitive Cruise Planner

With OceanGuide you can create arbitrary routes over the known places. The handling is intuitive and ergonomic and you always have an overview of distances and travel times. The information and pictures about the places let you plan and discover your perfect route piece by piece. (this is how).

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Wind and Weather

Current Weather Information

Wind and weather data are clearly and intuitively integrated into the OceanGuide interface. This way you can take the weather into account when planning your trip and keep an eye on weather developments while underway.

Wind optimized Routing

OceanGuide takes the current wind situation into account when calculating the route. This enables us to always suggest the best route for you. And if you have to beat into the wind, you immediately see the real travel distance and time.

A powerful Community

Participate and Enjoy

On OceanGuide everyone can rate places, add pictures and tell about their experiences. You can actively participate in the community and help others to plan their perfect trip. At the same time, the experiences from the community will help you to organize a fantastic boating vacation.

Exchange and Cooperation

OceanGuide makes it easy for you to share your ideas and route suggestions with others. So you can work on routes with your crew and plan a trip together that everyone looks forward to. And you can show all your friends and family your amazing plans and cruises.