For Captain and Crew

The OceanGuide Captain App

As a captain, the OceanGuide Captain App is for you. You have full access to all features of OceanGuide. Create as many cruises as you like and nominate the crew members of your cruises! And the best is that you can give free download codes for the OceanGuide Crew App to your crew members! (up to 5 free download codes).

Be the Captain and download the OceanGuide Captain App!

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The OceanGuide Crew App

You want to take part in planning and organizing your cruises? You want to document your cruises and have gripping memories of your cruises? Then the OceanGuide Crew App is the perfect choice for you! With the OceanGuide Crew App you can do everything except creating new cruises and inviting crew members to a cruise.

Download the OceanGuide Crew App and be a valued crew member!

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Day Planning

Trip Distance and Arrival Time

The OceanGuide App makes it easy for you and your crew to plan your sailing day and to select your next destination. It calculates the route to your next destination and estimates your arrival time. The current weather is considered and the polar diagram of your yacht is used, such that realistic estimations are obtained.

Weather along the Route

Using the OceanGuide App you can perfectly prepare yourself and your crew for the next sailing day. Because the OceanGuide App shows the weather along the route that you are planning for the day, you can easily see how weather, wind and waves will develop on the way. You understand how the day will be and you can prepare to bypass or avoid challenging weather conditions.

Cruise Planning

Area Information and Cruise Planner

The OceanGuide App connects seamlessly with OceanGuide: You will find all of your saved cruises also in the OceanGuide-App. You can load your cruises, use them during your vacation and modify them wherever you want. And if you haven't planned your cruise yet, just do it with the OceanGuide App, because also the app gives you access to all area information.

Nominate your Crew

You can invite your crew members to your cruises and involve them in planning and organising your cruise. This will make your cruise a real team event: everyone from your crew can see the cruise plan and knows where you will go, how far it is and how long the trip will take. This way you can plan your cruise together with the crew and you will create your perfect trip.

Bord Cash

Manage with fun

From now on, board cash is fun. Instead of collecting money in advance, everyone pays whenever and whatever he or she wants and adds it into the board cash management of the OceanGuide App. This is done with few clicks and it's fun! Try it out and never again worry about finding a treasurer.

Simple and Transparent

Every crew member can always see the latest status of the board cash and all spendings. This creates transparency and confidence. And because the overall balance is updated with every euro spent, everyone is motivated to pay for the crew. No one wants to be in the red numbers!

Log Book

Complete and Interesting

Using the OceanGuide App you and your crew can create a full-fledged logbook containing the relevant information on weather, yacht, position and general situation. Everyone of the crew can add entries and comments. This makes your logbook interesting and varied.

As if by itself

OceanGuide makes it simple to manage your logbook. Every new entry is prefilled with up to date data. Quickly check that all data is correct and add your personal view on the situation. And that's it, the new logbook entry is created in no time.

Cruise Report

All Memories

With the OceanGuide Cruise Report the whole crew collects the best memories and experiences of your cruise. Everyone can add entries. And everyone can read them. This way, the cruise report gets a real crew project. Exactly as your cruise.

Diverse and colorful

Every crew member can add memories to the cruise report. This way you will create a view on your cruise from every perspective. Everyone can add text and fotos to each entry. Let yourself be surprised which awesome documentation of your cruise you and your crew will create together!